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Fires have always been a threat to the Amazon, but the number of fire outbreaks in 2019 is one of the largest in recent years. The number of forest fires is higher in areas of the Amazon most affected by deforestation practices. That’s how the agribusiness clears land to make way for cattle and soya farms.

Home to many Indigenous Peoples and traditional communities, the world's largest rainforest is vital for keeping our climate stable. But with industrial exploitation and forest fires ravaging the region, the Amazon is facing unprecedented threats by a greedy industry backed by Bolsonaro’s government.

Protecting forests is crucial to solving the climate crisis. That’s exactly what Indigenous and local communities are doing. Losing the Amazon means losing their homes, precious habitats, and the fight against climate change.

We can’t let that happen. Add your name today.

Photo: Aerial image of burning in Altamira, state of Pará (C) Moriyama/Greenpeace, August 2019

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Tell the Brazilian government to save the Amazon Rainforest and protect the lands of Indigenous and traditional communities.