Climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing...

our oceans are under threat

During the third of four rounds of meetings, to negotiate a Global Ocean Treaty, the Canadian delegation failed to show the leadership we need to help move the process in the right direction. Instead, Canada supported proposals that push us away from real solutions that could protect international waters. Their position is largely based on the status quo, making it almost impossible to create sanctuaries fully protected by the Treaty.

The silver lining, however, is that mobilization on this issue is growing.

A majority of governments still intend to reach an international agreement by 2020 and the final UN meeting is scheduled for next spring, it is important to keep up the pressure.

During the next meeting in March 2020, critical decisions will be made, so this is the time to show that millions of people globally want to see our oceans protected.

Send an email to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Environment and Climate Change, and Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, to tell them that Canada must negotiate a strong Global Ocean Treaty that will put 30% of global oceans off limits from harmful industries by 2030.



Photo: © Shane Gross/Greenpeace

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