Demand public consultation on OMV’s oil drilling application.

Right now, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is making a decision behind closed doors that could spell disaster for our oceans and climate. We need your help to ensure the EPA have all the facts.

This summer, Austrian oil company OMV is planning to carry out the riskiest kind of drilling on Earth in the deep, turbulent seas off Otago. A spill here could see oil washing up on New Zealand’s beaches, and cause immense suffering for our precious wildlife. 

OMV’s application to drill here is currently sitting in front of the Environmental Protection Authority.

Wondering why you haven’t been consulted?  In New Zealand, there is no process for public input on proposed offshore oil and gas drilling. This means local communities, iwi, scientists and local businesses have no say on whether oil and gas exploration is allowed to go ahead.

We’re not entitled to see OMV’s spill modeling or scrutinise their plans for managing an oil spill disaster, let alone question their right to drill in the middle of a climate emergency.

But there is a way around this and we need your help to make it happen.  The law allows the EPA to hold a public hearing “if the EPA considers it necessary or desirable”.

We can still stop OMV from getting the permit they need to drill. But we need to act fast. Join us as we demand the EPA holds a public hearing into OMV’s oil drilling application.

New Zealanders deserve to be consulted on whether massive new oil and gas drilling projects go ahead. Together we must defend our oceans, climate and precious wildlife from the threat of oil pollution.

Read our full letter to the Environmental Protection Authority here.

If you'd prefer to write a personal letter to the EPA, you can reach them on this email address: omvgsbapplication@epa.govt.nz.

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I am calling on the EPA to hold a public hearing into OMV’s application to drill for new oil and gas in the Great South Basin.