To:  The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

"We need clean air throughout India. Only ambitious targets to reduce air pollution in all sectors can help achieve this"


 Your Right To Clean Air

Air Pollution has become a public health emergency and children are the most impacted by toxic air.

After years of public pressure, the Government of India announced the National Clean Air Programme earlier this year, committing to clean the air in 102 cities by 2024.

While it is a step in the right direction, it's not enough. The plan leaves out 139 other cities that have high levels of toxicity in the air. Sectors like power generation and transportation emit higher levels of pollution but the programme fails to set specific pollution reduction targets.

We have a choice to make and to choose a healthy life for all Indians, we cannot stop short of what is needed.

Tell the Environment Ministry to commit to clean air across India and set city and sector-wise pollution reduction targets to tackle this crisis.