Chinstrap Penguin at King George Island in the Antarctic

This holiday season, help protect the planet

When you donate to Greenpeace, you're supporting an independent environmental organization funded by people, not corporations or government. Greenpeace speaks up and holds governments and corporations to account when they harm the environment — and works to promote solutions that are good for the planet.

Donate before the midnight deadline on December 31st to help Greenpeace meet our $250,000 funding target and start 2020 strong.


Step 1: Donation amount

Your donation powers Greenpeace's mission and our ability to be an effective and independent voice for the planet.

Greenpeace is an independent organization that does not take money from corporations or government. In order to advocate effectively and maintain our freedom to act on environmental issues, Greenpeace is registered as a non-profit rather than a charity, which means that your donation is not eligible for income tax credit. We rely on individual donations from people just like you to do the work we do.

Other ways to give

By Phone:
Mon to Fri 9:30 – 5:30pm ET

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All donations are in Canadian currency.

So Greenpeace can maintain freedom to act on environmental issues, your donation is not eligible for income tax credit.