Take a 2020 resolution to eat for the climate

With the Holidays just behind us and the New Year ahead of us, let’s take a 2020 food resolution together and eat for the climate!

Industrial meat is threatening our forests, our water and our climate. Lost and wasted food in landfills is turning up the heat in our atmosphere.

Our broken food system is not working for us, but we have the power to change it. An increasing number of people are living - and eating - in cities and towns. We need our cities to promote healthy local eating, making access to fresh fruits and vegetables easier, cheaper and closer to our doorsteps. Lost and wasted food needs to be diverted from landfill, ensuring that perfectly good food ends up where it belongs - on people's plates.

You can make this happen. Help transform the way food is produced and accessed in our cities and towns through the food choices you make.

Will you take the #GoodFoodChallenge to make this happen?

To kick off this year let's make a commitment to eat less industrially farmed meat, use more local fruits and veggies and curb our food waste.

Take the #GoodFoodChallenge

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Want to encourage friends and family to take the #GoodFoodChallenge with you? Let’s all start 2020 with the right ingredients for the climate!