Call Chrystia Freeland and tell her to reject the Teck Frontier tar sands mega-mine

Don’t fuel the fires of the climate crisis

Burning call to Reject Teck in Ottawa, Canada. © Greenpeace

Approving a massive new tar sands mine to operate until 2067 would be a complete contradiction of Canada's commitment to zero-out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. There isn’t any space for new oil and gas projects within a carbon budget that keeps warming below 1.5 degrees.

There is no better reason for unity than fighting climate change together as a nation. Wherever and whoever we are, the climate crisis will affect us, but racialized and low-income communities are already suffering the effects of worsening storms, floods, heat waves and wildfires. From coast to coast to coast, we are all vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis.

Instead of polluting oil projects, Cabinet must call for investments in renewable energies and release a transition plan for oil workers right now. They need good healthy jobs for their families.

But it comes with a price. We can’t let Big Oil influence government decisions and weaken national unity for the sake of corporate interests. Federal policies must be for the people, not millionaires. This begins with an end to subsidies for fossil fuels and the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, including Teck Frontier.

Ask Chrystia Freeland to unite behind science and reject Teck.

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If that is your case, please call Chrystia Freeland's office directly, long distance charges apply: 613-992-5234

Talking points

  • We have 10 days left to convince Cabinet to act on the climate emergency they declared last June and reject the Teck Frontier mine.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s role is to work with provinces and territories to foster national unity — and unity is paramount in fighting climate change together as a national priority.
  • The Teck mine violates Indigenous rights[1]. Indigenous leaders continue to express concern about the potential impacts on nature, and with it, rights to hunt, fish and trap.
  • 1 Note: 14 Nations have signed IBAs with Teck. Continued FN opposition is detailed in the Joint Review Panel report + recently in CBC: K'atl'odeeche FN and the N.W.T Métis Nation support Smith's Landing FN in fight against Teck.


  • Teck Frontier would be one of the largest-ever tar sands mines.
  • It would generate the equivalent of 6 million tonnes of CO2 each year[2]. That’s more carbon than is expected to be reduced by Trudeau's pledge[3] to plant 2 billion trees.
  • The mine would cover 24,000 ha [4] — an area twice the size of the City of Vancouver [5] and could produce up to 260,000 barrels of bitumen/day.
  • The mine would likely have significant negative impacts on nature and wildlife[6], [7]: It would destroy nearly 3,000 ha of old-growth forest and 14,000 ha of wetlands.

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