To the organisers of WOMAD,

We are all living through a climate emergency.

The scale of this existential threat requires cooperation across all levels of society, from politics and business, to arts and culture.

Anyone or any group in the position to take action should be leading the charge.

Climate change is an injustice that disproportionately affects our neighbours in the Pacific, developing nations, indigenous people, people of colour, women, people with disabilities, and poorer people. These are the people who are also the least responsible for causing it.

As an international festival that celebrates diversity, and brings artists together from around the world, WOMAD is in a unique position to use this platform to take a stand and protect the values it promotes.

More extreme and more frequent weather events due to the rapid heating of our world are being driven by fossil fuel corporations. Just 100 companies are responsible for more than 70% of the carbon emissions that have polluted our atmosphere over the last 30 years. Continuing to allow oil companies to sponsor WOMAD degrades the spirit of what the festival represents.

We call on you now to be bold, and drop oil and gas industry sponsorship for future festivals.

The impact of taking a stand like this could be far reaching.

From anti-apartheid to the civil rights movement, we’ve seen throughout history that when people, businesses, and brands publicly distance themselves from those who are causing harm, they can spark action in many others.

Symbolic gestures can be essential change-makers.

During a time when our friends and family members in Australia have lost their lives, homes, and livelihoods in devastating bushfires, and over a billion animals have died, we must take a stand.

During a time when we’ve witnessed more than 170,000 people up and down the country leave their homes, schools, and workplaces to hit the streets and demand climate action, we must take a stand.

There is no other time than now.

For the love of art, music, and everything we hold dear, please take a stand. Drop oil and gas industry sponsorship of WOMAD.

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Greenpeace is urgently campaigning to stop oil exploration.

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WOMAD is one of NZ’s premier music festivals, but it’s still being sponsored by the oil industry. In the climate emergency, that’s just not on. Please sign on to our open letter calling on the organisers to drop OMV and other oil and gas companies as sponsors: