Trudeau: Bail-out workers not oil and gas millionaires and CEOs

Peoples’ prosperity, not corporate profits.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how vulnerable our economy really is[1]workers have been laid off en masse[2], many are struggling to support families without sick pay or Employment Insurance.

The oil and gas industry helped build this inequitable system[3] that puts profits before people. And now, it’s pushing the government for a bail out[4].

With the oil industry in a steady decline, we should be funding secure and sustainable jobs. A low-carbon economic recovery plan[5] would retrain workers, put folks to work on renewable energy projects and protect the most vulnerable people in our society.

Nobody should be left behind — not the essential and invisible workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, not Indigenous communities, not families lacking social safety nets, and not oil industry workers.

This is a moment when we can implement measures to help vulnerable people, boost the economy, create jobs, and build climate resilience. Add your name to bailout workers, not the oil industry and their CEOs.

Add your name to bailout workers, not the oil industry.

Our demands:

  • Bailout workers and communities - not corporate executives.
  • Economic relief must go directly to workers.
  • Provide free health support to all people.
  • Invest in housing and clean water in Indigenous communities.
  • Build resilient communities to prevent future crises.
  • Create jobs by investing in environmental clean-up and energy transition.

Thank you for asking Trudeau to bail-out workers not oil and gas millionaires !

In these times of physical distancing, social media and email are more than ever a powerful tool to connect people, show solidarity and make an impact. Make this campaign even stronger by sharing this with your friends and family. Will you help bail-out workers instead of Big Oil?