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Have your say on marine mammal sanctuaries

Thanks to pressure from tens of thousands of New Zealanders, the Government has put forward some positive changes to protect native endangered Māui and Hector’s dolphins.

Some of the changes proposed are now open for consultation, and it’s important we get behind them to ensure they’re enacted, and not watered down by vested interests.

By making a submission today we can:

  • Support increasing the size of five marine mammal sanctuaries
  • Get a ban on seismic testing within the five sanctuaries (including for existing permit holders)
  • Ban seabed mining from the five sanctuaries

Thanks to the submissions from thousands of New Zealanders, we’ve already got more protection for Maui and Hector’s dolphins. Let’s do it again to make sure we get bigger marine sanctuaries, and no more seabed mining and seismic testing where these dolphins live. You can see full details about the proposed changes here.


Start your submission now to have your say on marine mammal sanctuaries.

You can read and edit the submission on the next page before sending.

Please note: Submissions made become public information.