To: Shri Amitabh Kant

CEO, NITI Aayog- Govt. of India

"India deserves a green recovery strategy that keeps the wellbeing and welfare of all in mind."


IT'S TIME TO MOVE #TowardsBetter

The pandemic has exposed the fractures in our way of life, the fragility of our economic, health and social systems. It is a wake-up call to us to rethink the choices we make. 

As the world begins to heal and work towards a post-Covid future, we must reimagine a world that is economically, socially and ecologically just. 

We need you to stand up and demand that our governments and policymakers implement comprehensive systemic changes which make humanity and nations able to withstand future extreme climate events, economic or health crises.

Here are the green choices we demanded:

  • Build a safe and nutritious food system that provides food security to all citizens by empowering farmers to move towards sustainable farming.
  • Invest in soil health rejuvenation and traditional water conservation methods.
  • Protect the health of every Indian by phasing out fossil fuels and leading a transition to clean renewable energy and transport technologies.

‚ÄčTogether we can move humanity towards a better future. Join us