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Let’s create a world without waste!

The Government has released plans for how to deal with some of our most problematic plastic items. This is a great start, but they could go further. The world is suffering a plastic waste crisis and we need to take bold action to tackle it.

Be great if you could send a submission now, calling on the Government to ban more problematic plastics, and move to a circular economy system instead.

Fill in your details here, and then go to step two where you can read the message - and edit it if you wish - before sending.

When we stand together, we can change the future of Aotearoa.

You can find out more or make a full submission here on the Government website and if you want to write your own submission you can follow this guide our friends at #TakeawayThrowaways made.


Step 1. Start your submission now to the Government

You can read and edit the submission on the next page before sending...

* All fields are required because this is an official submission to Government. Your details are safe with us,