To Ken Murphy, Tesco CEO

“Stop buying from companies owned by forest destroyers and replace half the meat you sell with plant-based food by 2025”​

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Tesco CEO

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Tell Tesco’s new CEO: “Stop destroying forests”

Tesco are still fuelling the destruction of forests like the Amazon.

But now we have a really important opportunity to get them to do better. Tesco has a new CEO, and with someone else in charge, they have a chance to make a fresh start. Together we can show them why forests are so important to us and our planet.

Precious forests are being cleared to make way for cattle farms and to grow animal feed for UK chickens and pigs. An area the size of the UK has already been burnt down in Brazil this year. Tesco is fully aware of the situation, yet they continue to sell unsustainable amounts of industrial meat.

Business as usual can’t continue. As CEO of the biggest supermarket in the UK, Ken Murphy has a once in a lifetime chance to put things right and help create real change, not just for forests, but also for nature and the health of our planet.