Everyone should have access to clean, fresh water that won’t make them sick.

But industrial dairy companies are causing alarmingly high levels of nitrate-nitrogen pollution in our drinking water - endangering our health.

High levels of nitrogen pollution have been linked to bowel cancers. Nitrogen pollution comes from synthetic nitrogen fertiliser and from the urine of too many cows.

Right now, the ‘safe’ limit* for nitrate-nitrogen pollution in drinking water is set about 13 times higher than the amount shown to be linked to increased colorectal cancer rates. 

The Government must stand up for the health of our communities and regulate big polluters like industrial dairy. Join us to call on the Government to lower the limit for nitrogen pollution and act on it by phasing out synthetic nitrogen fertiliser and reducing cow numbers.

*The current nitrate-nitrogen limit in New Zealand's drinking water is 11.3mg/L but recent studies indicate that it should be 0.87mg/L.

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To the NZ Minister of Health: We call on the Government to lower the nitrate-nitrogen limit in our drinking water to a safe level*.