We appeal you to join our initiative!

I pledge to:

  • Park my car/motorbike for a day
  • Instead, walk, use cycle or public transport

Pledge Against Pollution

Walking 2.5 hours a week can reduce risk of heart disease by 30% (Harvard Medical School)

Cycling is good for your bones, muscles and joints

Public transport saves you money and is better for the environment

...and all of the above are great for clean air!

Your city might not have a great public transport network. Your car might be your prized possession. You might feel the car is the prefered option. But just for one day a week can we try to choose a green mode of transport? Just one in seven days, can we let the car be and choose the bus, metro, train, cycle or walk? Just one day can we dedicate our commute to making the air quality a little better.

Just one day in a week.

Take the pledge and be a Detox Hero