Bialowieza Forest has maintained a natural lifecycle for thousands of years. It naturally regulates its flora and fauna. In 2017 the Forest suffered extreme damage, but if we give it time it will be reborn. The Polish government has had 3 years to find the best way to protect Bialowieza Forest, and after 3 years of idleness it was decided to proceed in the most destructive way: restarting logging. Working together we stopped the logging of this unique forest before. It is time for the Forest Defenders to show their strength again!


Restarting logging isn’t a proper measure to protect nature. This is why we demand that the Polish Climate and Environment Minister finally takes the side of nature and save Bialowieza Forest.

To the Minister for Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka:

Dear Minister,
I am writing to you to stop the further degradation of the Bialowieza Forest and to expand the national park to the whole area of this unique ecosystem.

According to information from non-governmental organizations, new amendments to forest management plans for the Bialowieza Forest are breaching environmental law in many ways. The amendments are based on an inaccurate and outdated inventory of the forest habitats that significantly underestimates or ignores the existence of the protected species, which in consequence is a substantial threat to the nature of the Bialowieza forest.

As many scientists noted, for three years without logging Białowieża’s habitats have begun to regenerate and the forest shows that it is in the best condition when governed only by nature. I’m thrilled that this peaceful period is going to end now and foresters will once again try to tame nature.

I am calling on you not to follow the infamous path of your predecessors, but to take effective action to permanently protect Bialowieza Forest. Bialowieza Forest is not only one of the best preserved natural forests of Europe, our natural heritage, but also home to many people. Only the Forest as a viable natural and tourist resource, can ensure stable development of this region and ensure a positive future for its inhabitants. Further transforming the Forest into an economic forest and plantation of timber will destroy this future.


The Białowieża Forest extending over 1600 km2 between Poland and Belarus is the last large remaining fragment of the natural forest of the European Plain. Exceptionally biodiverse, the forest is home to more than 5,500 plant species, and 11,564 animal species, including the largest population of free-ranging European bison. Animals from the large carnivores like wolves and lynxes, to the rare nesting songbirds, woodpeckers, and owls all rely on the forest for their habitat of old growth and standing dead trees. Białowieża Forest is a hotspot of unique biodiversity and a fascinating source of scientific knowledge, and stands as a much needed ecological blue-print for the restoration of forests in Europe and the world. It is an open air laboratory to observe how nature can help us to tackle climate and biodiversity crises.

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