Wasteminster: exporting the UK’s plastic crisis.

The UK government likes to call itself a world leader in tackling plastic pollution, but in reality, they’re fuelling the plastic crisis. The UK is producing too much plastic, and because we can’t deal with it, the government is dumping it on other countries.

The government wants to be seen as leaders in tackling plastic pollution - the script for this video is taken from direct quotes. Can you help pile on the pressure to make sure they take proper action that protects people and the planet?

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The UK government claims to be a world leader in tackling plastic pollution - but the UK is the biggest producer of plastic waste per person behind the USA. The govt must stop dumping our waste on other countries and fix the plastic crisis. #Wasteminster https://t.co/Jx1IzpRipE

The UK government is dumping our plastic waste on other countries while claiming to be a world leader in tackling plastic pollution. The government is fuelling health and nature emergencies - it must take responsibility. #Wasteminster https://t.co/Jx1IzpRipE

The government says it’s a world leader on tackling plastic pollution, but by dumping the UK’s plastic waste on other countries, it’s harming wildlife, people and our oceans. #Wasteminster https://t.co/Jx1IzpRipE

Banning straws and cotton buds isn’t going to stop the health and nature emergencies caused by plastic pollution. The UK govt must start acting like the plastic leader it claims it is and fix the plastic crisis #Wasteminster https://t.co/Jx1IzpRipE