To: Join the movement to transform India’s mobility systems and make our cities cleaner and healthier.


India was the 7th worst-hit country due to extreme weather in 2019 and it’s only been getting worse every year.[1] We’re racing towards more and more climate disasters and we need to pull the chain now.


Though we hoped it would not reach this point, climate science has repeatedly warned us about the deadly consequences of climate change. But we’ve caught the culprit red-handed. The relentless burning of fossil fuels for energy and transportation has turned our cities into toxic gas chambers.


In 2020, India was found to be home to 3[2] of the world’s 10 most traffic-congested cities. Over 1.2 lakh[3] Indians died from air pollution last year but this could have been prevented.
Through the Detox City campaign, we are working to impact the transportation systems across India, over the next few years.


Creating a culture of sustainable transport requires a wave of change in mindsets across society. That’s why our campaign is focused on listening. We are conducting focus-group discussions with citizens from all walks of life, to understand what they seek from mobility


As lockdowns ease across India, traffic is steadily increasing, bringing along with it a rise in pollution levels as we burn more fossil fuels for energy. If we want lasting change, it must take place at every level. Through the “Leaderboard” initiative, we are urging large companies to provide a flexible working policy, so fewer employees need to commute to the office daily.


We are also enabling low wage women earners from Bengaluru’s garment labour community to reclaim their mobility, through our Power The Pedal initiative. By choosing to cycle for all their commuting needs, these inspiring changemakers can be sustainable, independent and economical.

If more citizens adopt sustainable transportation, we can demand better infrastructure - better public transport, more green spaces, and better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. Ultimately, these small but significant actions will translate into cities that are cleaner, healthier, more equal and accessible to all citizens.

We are losing precious time in the fight for a safe and healthy future. This is our only chance to take action and change the course of our planet.

Together we can build back better cities.

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[2] TomTom Traffic Index 2021
[3] Greenpeace: Cost to Economy Due to Air Pollution Analysis 2021

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