Our forests are the lungs of the planet. They are home to many Indigenous communities, as well as a refuge for threatened wildlife.

Greenpeace has campaigned for decades to encourage logging companies to adopt more sustainable practices — and many of them have! But one logging company in Canada — Resolute Forest Products — refuses to change its destructive ways. In order to cover its tracks, it is trying to silence Greenpeace by way of multi-million dollar lawsuits.

But we won’t stop working and speaking out to protect forests! That’s why we’re calling on the publishing industry to help. Publishers like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Hachette all fundamentally rely on freedom of speech. But these companies also buy millions of pounds of book paper from Resolute.

Join us in encouraging the publishing industry to send a strong message to Resolute.

"Thank you publishers for being a beacon for freedom of speech in our society. The work you do for the free circulation of ideas is invaluable. But there is a threat to free speech – and forests – that we hope you will act on. Resolute Forest Products is supplying the paper that fills the pages of many of your books. The company is actively opposing free speech – it has launched two lawsuits totaling more than 300 million Canadian dollars in an attempt to silence its opponents. The lawsuits are aimed at organizations like Greenpeace and as well as individuals who have campaigned for sustainable forestry. Please be a champion for free speech and forests once again, stand by your environmental promises. Urge Resolute to stop attacking free speech and embrace sustainable solutions for the forest."