Tweet Boris Johnson: Stop Cambo

Across the world and here in the UK, our dependence on fossil fuels is causing havoc - deadly floods and heat waves, rising gas prices, queues at petrol pumps, offshore workers in and out of precarious work. We need to get off fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy.

But Boris Johnson has said he backs 16 new North Sea oil and gas projects going ahead - including Cambo Sea. They could be approved at any moment. It’s time for our over-reliance on fossil fuels to end.

Tweet Boris Johnson and call on him to reject the Cambo drilling permit and focus instead on delivering a just transition to renewable energy that will be good for consumers, workers and the climate. Every tweet will pile the pressure on the Prime Minister and force him to make the right decision for humanity.

Tweet Boris Johnson: Stop Cambo

Tweet Boris Johnson

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Hi @BorisJohnson the gas price crisis has shown us how vulnerable we are to our reliance on fossil fuels. The solution to this and the climate crisis are the same - sustainable renewable energy. Stop Cambo and focus on renewable energy #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] all over the UK people are worried about their heating bills while many have had to queue for petrol and energy companies go bust. Our reliance on fossil fuels has left the UK vulnerable and exposed. We need a just transition away from fossil fuels. #BorisStopCambo

Hi @BorisJohnson you say you care about tackling the climate crisis & creating jobs for people in the UK. You can do both by stopping new North Sea fossil fuel projects & retraining offshore workers to move into renewable energy #COP26 #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] instead of approving  new oil and gas projects like Cambo, why don’t you focus on creating green jobs that will be good for workers & the climate? #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] Offshore workers need retraining, support and good green jobs - can we please invest in that and not new oil and gas? Please show leadership on this as Prime Minister. #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] if it goes ahead Cambo will produce climate pollution equal to 16 coal-fired power plants running for a year, creating devastating climate destruction. #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] How can you claim to be a climate leader when you are backing 16 new North sea fossil fuel projects and leading us to more climate destruction. If Cambo goes ahead you will be #DrippingInOil #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] As the UK prepares to host #COP26, why are you allowing new oil & gas projects to go ahead? I want my government to take action to halt the climate emergency, not fuel it. #BorisStopCambo

The @IEA report says that we can’t afford any new fossil fuel projects if we are to have a hope of keeping global temperature rise within 1.5 degrees. Why won’t you listen to the experts and stop Cambo? #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] have you seen the @IEA report? The global energy industry group has said there should be no new oil and gas. In the run up to #COP26 can you commit to rejecting the Cambo drilling permit #BorisStopCambo

[email protected] the government has acknowledged that being dependent on fossil fuels leads to volatility. So how can we sign off on a massive new oil field at Cambo?