UK leadership at COP: step up & end fossil fuels

What’s agreed at the climate talks in Scotland this week has the potential to influence how governments around the world address the climate crisis in the months and years to come. And right now the first draft of that agreement doesn’t mention something pretty important... phasing out fossil fuels. Even though scientists and experts have called for an end to all new oil, coal and gas immediately

Alok Sharma, the President of COP26 must work harder to change that this week. He has to use his position to reach a final agreement that:

  • Commits governments across the world to end fossil fuels
  • Ensures wealthy countries significantly scale up their financial support for poorer nations to tackle the climate crisis and adapt to its damaging impacts

This won’t be the end of our fight for climate justice - but we have days to push for as strong a climate pact as we can get out of COP26. Will you call for action?