Watch: Boris Johnson’s Hy-COP-risy

COP26 is over - and while it was filled with ambitious talk, the truth is richer, polluting nations still aren’t doing enough to stop the climate crisis and support poorer countries who barely did anything to cause it. Boris Johnson tried to position himself as a climate leader, but as the COP spotlight fades his government is on the cusp of approving two new fossil fuel projects right here in the UK - the Cambo oil field, and a coal mine in Cumbria. This isn’t climate leadership.

Boris Johnson has shown his hypocrisy through talking up his climate credentials on the one hand while keeping the door open to new fossil fuel projects on the other. Let’s turn up the pressure and get him to show real leadership through his actions, not just words.

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Your speeches at #COP26 were full of lofty ambitions and promises of climate leadership. So @BorisJohnson why is your gov not ruling out the Cambo oil field & the Cumbria coal mine? #BorisStopCambo and #StopFailing

Speeches and photo ops won’t stop the climate crisis - if @BorisJohnson really wants to be a climate leader, he must start by stopping the Cambo oil field and the Cumbria coal mine. #BorisStopCambo #COP26 #StopFailing

If we’re ‘one minute to midnight’ on the doomsday clock - why is your gov planning to approve new fossil fuel projects in the UK @BorisJohnson? #BorisStopCambo and stop the Cumbria coal mine. #COP26 #StopFailing