Boris Johnson: Stop Cambo

The Prime Minister’s hopes for new oil and gas in the UK like the Cambo oil field just got dealt a massive blow. Shell - one of the main backers - have pulled out, leaving the government cutting an increasingly lonely figure with their continued support for Cambo.

The science is clear - to have any hope of staying on track to keep warming under 1.5 degrees we must end new oil and gas.

With Shell out of the picture it’s high time the Prime Minister followed suit, listened to the science and called off Cambo once and for all. We should be investing in renewables and  a just transition for workers and communities - not dead-end new oil and gas projects.

Boris Johnson: Stop Cambo

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Now that Shell have pulled out of the Cambo oil field are you going to listen to the science and follow suit @BorisJohnson?

We should be investing in a just transition to renewable energy - not new oil and gas


[email protected] even Shell have dropped Cambo - now it’s your move. After talking about your ‘climate leadership’ at COP26 it’s time to show some.

You must #StopCambo and all new fossil fuel projects if you are serious about tackling the climate crisis

The writing is on the wall for the Cambo oil field.

@BorisJohnson how can you continue to support a project that’s a bad investment, bad for energy consumers and a disaster for the climate? #StopCambo

Hey @BorisJohnson now that Shell have pulled out of the new oil field it turns out Cambo is bad for business.

It’s a disaster for the planet too - put action to your words and follow suit